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Restoring Oral Health with Composite Fillings

In years past, cavities were always filled with an amalgam filling. Made of a variety of metal including silver, these were sturdy, but they presented problems. They were quite noticeable in your mouth, some people experienced metal sensitivity, and there were also concerns about possible mercury toxicity with metal fillings. A composite filling eliminates these problems and offers a number of advantages.

The leading advantage of a composite filling is that the color of the composite chosen to repair a cavity can be matched closely to the existing color of your tooth. This is particularly advantageous if the tooth in need of repair is near the front of your smile or in a visible part of your mouth.

In addition, a composite filling requires less tooth preparation. For the patient that means less time having your tooth drilled, and for Doctor, that means more of your tooth’s original structure remains after preparation. By retaining more of your tooth’s original structure, your tooth is ultimately stronger. Moreover, a composite filling chemically bonds to the tooth structure, thereby providing greater support.


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